Cutting tools
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Three-star Yugoslavian stone plate
انواع مته
صفحه برش سه ستاره
سنگ یوگوسلاو
نماینده سنگ یوگوسلاو
قیمت سنگ یوگسلاو
سنگ یوگسلاوی
سنگ پروفیل بر یوگسلاو

daghightools is a distributor of All Cutting tools
Driller bit
cutting and erroding disc

سیم بکسل کیسوایر
سیم بکسل گوستاولف
سیم بکسل برایدون
جرثقیل سقفی کیتو
انواع مته
انواع دیسک برش
انواع فرز

Since 1970s we established our business in Iran on the base of honesty with our customers and offering the good quality tools. We believed these two important factors made an appropriate identity for us which no instrument can evaluate its wealth, and we decide to keep this in our way to forward.Our customer buys our tools because of he/she trusts us and ensure that we had choosed the goodquality before his/her deal.Today, according to the quick changes of the world everyday and every time, we decide to develop our service and offers, hope that we can still offer the good quality to our customers.So we welcome to either potential buyers and good sellers and manufacturers who can help us for our good quality service.